T-Ball - House League Rules

Good Sportsmanship and Enjoyment are the key objectives.

Additional Objectives: The basic skills of throwing, catching, and hitting the ball, running the bases and positional play are to be taught to all participants. Oro Minor Softball rules apply with the following exceptions:
  1. Players are requested to arrive at 6:10. Game start time is 6:30 pm.
  2. Games will be a maximum of five innings or a minimum of 3 innings.
  3. All players will bat in each inning. "LAST BATTER” must be clearly called before the last batter of each inning.
  4. When the team is in the field, a maximum of ten players is allowed, 6 infielders and 4 outfielders.
  5. In order to promote enjoyment and good sportsmanship no scoring is kept and all games end in a tie. A team line up is listed to ensure all players participate.
  6. Players are allowed 5 strikes to hit the ball. The ball must be hit a minimum of 10 feet for the player to advance to first base.
  7. The play will end when the ball is returned to the catcher and placed on the T.
  8. After “LAST BATTER” is called the ball must be returned to the catcher and placed on the T for the play to end. At this point the inning is over.
  9. Offensive players must wear a helmet with a chin strap at all times while on the field.  The league has provided face protection that must be worn by the pitcher's helper.
  10. No lead offs, stealing or sliding.
  11. No rings or watches. Small necklaces, small hoop or stud earrings are permitted.
  12. Any open cuts must be properly bandaged or the player must be removed from the game.
  13. All players and designated coaches must wear a team hat and team shirt.
  14. Bases shall be positioned 35 feet apart.
  15. The pitching rubber shall be 25 feet from the back of home plate.
  16. No player may position themselves closer than 25 feet to home plate until after the ball is hit.
  17. Coaches are to have the players play different positions in the infield and outfield. Outfielders are to be a minimum of 15 feet beyond base line.
  18. All players are to be played equally including infield and outfield positions. No player is to sit out more than one consecutive inning. Players are to rotate positions throughout the season.
  19. Contact rule: Runners are instructed to avoid making contact. A player who runs into another player will be returned to the bench for the rest of the inning. This rule works both offensively and defensively.
  20. Players should be taught the rules and etiquette of softball and are to shake hands at the end of the game.

Please check here for details on where are ball diamonds are located.

Winning or losing doesn’t matter - it’s how you play the game.