Tyke - House League Rules

Good Sportsmanship and Enjoyment are the key objectives. Additional Objectives: The basic skills of throwing, catching, and hitting the ball, running the bases and positional play are to be taught to all participants. Ontario Minor Softball rules apply with the following exceptions:

  1. Players are requested to arrive no later than 6:10.  Game start times are 6:30 or 8:00pm.  If a team is not fielded within 15 minutes a forfeit is declared and an exhibition game is to be played.

  2.  Games should be 5 innings BUT no new inning will begin after 7:45pm.

  3. In case of rain, three innings may constitute a game.

  4. All players will bat. When fielding a team, a maximum of ten players is allowed, 4 of which will be fielders.

  5. A minimum of seven players is needed to make a team. The game will be forfeited if 6 or fewer players are present, but an exhibition game is encouraged.

  6. Coaches can only use players registered to their team with the following exceptions:

    1. If one team has 7 to 9 players and the opposing team of the game has more than 9 players, the coach of the greater than 9 player team may approach his/her team and allow one or more players to play for the team with 7 to 9 players. Both coaches have to agree.

    2. A coach may fill a team to a maximum of 9 players from a team in the same division and/or from the next lower division(with parents permission) but must notify the opposing coach and umpire at the start of the game and with parent’s consent.

    3. Borrowed players stay with the team for the complete game.  A player may not be borrowed if it causes him/her to miss his/her own game.  Borrowing of players does not cause a forfeit of a game.

  7. Offensive players must wear a helmet with a chin strap at all times while on the field. Failure to do so will result in the team having an automatic out for each offence.  The league has provided face protection that must be worn by the pitcher's helper.

  8. Safety bag is to be used only if there is a single and a play could be made at first base. If the hit is a double or more the safety bag does not come into play.

  9. No lead offs or stealing. If violated, the runner will be called out. The ball must be hit for the runner to advance.

  10. JEWELRY- This rule is currently under review.  Discretion should be used by players, parents, coaches and umpires to restrict jewellery to small piercings such as studs that will not pose a hazard to that or any other player on the field.  Under no circumstances should rings, dangling necklaces or hanging earrings be worn by any player.

  11. Any open cuts must be properly bandaged or the player must be removed from the game.

  12. All players and designated coaches must wear a team hat and team shirt.

  13. Infield fly rule is not in effect.

  14.  A maximum of 5 pitches, thrown by their own designated adult pitcher is allowed for each batter. If the batter does not hit the ball they will be called out. “Last Pitch” must be called before the 5th pitch is thrown. The adult pitcher may only receive the ball from the pitchers helper and must do their best to not interfere with the play. No bunts are allowed.

  15. A circle with a 5 foot radius will be drawn at the pitchers rubber. The pitcher’s helper will remain beside the pitcher until the ball is hit.

  16. An exception to the 5 pitch rule: If on the 5th pitch the ball is hit foul, the pitch is not counted and the player is not called out. The player will try until the ball is either hit or they strike out. This is not limited to one extra pitch.

  17. When an over-throw to an infielder, even if the ball is in fair territory, all runners will be limited to one base after the infielder misses the ball. The runner is not automatically granted the base and may still be thrown out.                                                                  

  18. Bases shall be positioned 45 feet apart.

  19. The pitching rubber shall be 30 feet from back of home plate. 

  20. The 4 outfielders must be positioned in the outfield a minimum of 10 feet from the base lines.

  21. All players are to be played equally including infield and outfield positions. No player is to sit out more than one consecutive inning. Players are to rotate positions throughout the season.

  22. Contact rule: Runners are instructed to slide or attempt to avoid making contact. A player who maliciously runs into another player will be declared out and ejected. This rule works both offensively and defensively.

  23. The league will try to schedule an umpire for home plate.  If none are available, home team supplies the plate umpire and the visitors may supply the base umpire.

  24. There is a five run mercy rule except in the last inning, which will be open.

Please check here for details on where are ball diamonds are located.


Winning or losing doesn’t matter - it’s how you play the game.